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Animal testing statement

At Ontex we do not test our products on animals, unless this is specifically required by law and/or regulatory agencies. We also aim to limit animal testing as much as possible in our supply chain. For this reason, we have expanded our Conformity Declaration to determine whether any raw materials are still tested on animals and promote the use of fully validated alternative test methods when available. When such alternatives are not available or accepted, animal tests should only be conducted to the extent necessary. Our standards state that only animal testing facilities that comply with legal, ethical and professional standards for animal care and treatment can be used:

● Ontex is committed to the continued development, validation and adoption of new test methods, which eliminate the need for animals, reduce the number of animals used and cause minimum stress to animals

● Ontex acknowledges the implementation of the 3R principles into research (replacement of animal experiments, reduction of animal experiments, refinement of experiments)

● Ontex supports research for alternative methods and will continue to work with the scientific community and relevant regulatory agencies for acceptance and implementation of scientifically valid alternative methods

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