Quality is at the core of everything we do and is reflected in every element of our design, manufacturing, packaging and delivery processes.

Ontex Group functions, production units and sales offices are all ISO 9001 certified, according to the International Standard for Quality Management, whilst our Feminine care products are ISO 13485 certified.

All of our plants have BRC certifications in safety and design, whilst our Mayen plant also recieved the IFS Household and Personal Care Products quality certification.

Our Quality Policy

All of our sites operate by the same Ontex Quality Policy. This is based on three key pillars:

  • Consistently meeting consumer and customer requirements
  • Ensuring that all products on the market are safe for intended use and compliant with all applicable legislations
  • Focus on continuous improvements of processes and products

Our focus on product safety has led us to our current risk assessment approach, which runs through raw material selection to product design and manufacturing processes. Our risk assessment approach is a preventive method to ensuring product safety. It enables us to proactively identify and control potential hazards and deliver safe, high-quality products to partners and consumers.

Our Certifications

ISO , BRC and IFS certifications support our policy, which means our standards for quality are equal across our business globally.

  • We take compliance and product safety very seriously, using a rigorous system of controls, audits and certification to be sure our standards remain the highest.
  • From raw materials to finished products, we make it our mission to exceed our consumers’ and  customers’ expectations.

Ontex Group functions, production sites and sales offices are all ISO 9001 certified (except for Karachi in Pakistan) , according to the International Standard for Quality Management, whilst our Tampon production site and some of our incontincence production sites are ISO 13485 certified, a standard on Quality Management for Medical Dives.

All of our production sites  delivering to the retail markets lants have BRC certifications in safety and design, whilst the IFS Household and Personal Care Products quality certification is in roll out and already achieved in many of our production plants.

Our system is regularly audited by external certification bodies as well as customers, who verify and challenge its efficiency. We thrive on these opportunities to continuously improve our products and service.

Careful Testing, Monitoring and Reporting

Our common quality standards across the business are measured and monitored. In addition to external quality audits and ongoing partnership dialogues, we control quality standards through careful testing, proactive improvement projects based on in-depth analysis of the results, and KPI reporting.

The Best Raw Materials

Securing the best raw materials for use in ONTEX products is fundamental to our business. We take Raw Material Quality Management seriously and work in close partnership with suppliers to ensure the highest quality and reliability for customers and consumers. Where materials are sourced and how they are sourced is just as important as chemical composition and performance specifications.

Our quality agreements with suppliers lay out a clear general framework for maintaining expected standards, taking into account: ISO systems, specifications, changes in practices, audits and follow-up. By effectively managing our supplier relationships, we also maintain our ability to see the opportunities for continuous improvement in raw materials and services.