Market Approach

One of our major strengths is our ability to compete successfully in different markets and regions, by adapting our strategy and technology.

  • Despite this being a highly competitive sector, with many players, we have strong relationships with established international and national retailers in Western Europe, Poland and Australia.
  • In areas where the retail sector is highly fragmented, such as the Middle East and Africa, we have a strong track record in building our own brands.

  • We take an agile marketing, manufacturing and service approach in high-growth markets such as Russia and Eastern Europe, where we need to respond rapidly to changing market conditions.

"Our unique combination of flexibility, scale, product portfolio, facilities, contacts and expertise enables us to take advantage of market opportunities anywhere."

Thierry Navarre,
Chief Operating Officer

Mature Market Retail

Mature Market Retail focuses on retailer-branded baby care, feminine care and adult care products through strong relationships with established international and national retailers in Western Europe, Poland and Australia. 


Our Healthcare Division supplies mainly Ontex-branded adult incontinence products mostly through institutional channels. Our commercial approach is tailored in each country to the specific needs according to the local reimbursement system. Our customers are mainly in Western Europe, and include government healthcare organizations, local authorities, insurers, hospitals and nursing homes; we also ship directly to consumers through home delivery.

Middle East and Africa

Our Middle East and Africa Division markets Ontex branded products in Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan (where we have production facilities), as well as Morocco and other countries in the region. The retail trade is highly fragmented, with a large number of smaller independent stores and a limited number of international retailers, which we supply through distributors and wholesalers.

Growth Markets

Our Growth Markets Division serves markets defined by high growth rate areas with a mix of traditional and modern retail. Depending on how developed the retail trade is in a particular geography, we sell either retailer brands, or Ontex brands to national and international retailers, as well
as through distributors. This Division covers Russia and a diverse range of countries, mainly in Central and Eastern Europe but also in the rest of the world. 

Americas Retail

Our Americas Division, via its production sites in Mexico, covers the whole continent, from North America till Latin America. We distribute our own Brands for the three categories across the region and supply as well retailer brands where appropriate.