Integrated Annual Report 2017


Revenue (€/bn) 

Adjusted EBITDA (€/m) 

Profit (€/m)

Accident frequency rate


Carbon intensity ratio (gCO2/EUR) (Base year 2014, scope 1-2)

Biennial employee engagement survey (%)

Chairman and CEO

“Wherever I am in the company,
I see how our people are firmly focused on bringing affordability and high value to our customers and consumers.”

Charles Bouaziz

“2017 has seen further improvement in terms of product mix, brand mix and geographical mix and we have invested to strenghthen our footprint in some regions and adjust it to changing needs in others.”

Luc Missorten
Chairman of the Board

At a glance

We are a growing international personal hygiene business organized into five separate Divisions so that we stay focused on the specific needs of our customers and consumers.

We offer affordable hygiene solutions for all generations, selling our products in more than 110 countries through leading retailer brands as well as under our own brands.

Our 19 manufacturing sites are strategically located across Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia Pacific and the Americas, supported by seven specialized R&D centers that focus on continuous innovation for our end-users.

We add value through the products we make, the jobs we create, the way we steward the natural resources we use and the high standards of responsible behavior we set ourselves.


 Our top five brands






Mature Markets Retail Division supplies retailer branded Baby Care, Feminine Care and Adult Care products in Western Europe and Australia.

Revenue                                       Like-for-like growth

€901.7 m                     5.1%   

2016: €854.6 m          

A strong performance in a year of leadership change, demonstrated the capability and depth of talent in our team as well as the undeniable drive of Ontex.

  Mauricio Troncoso  
  General Manager, Mature Markets Retail Division



The Americas Retail Division supplies branded products to 11 markets across the Americas from production plants in Brazil and Mexico. We have strong positions in Mexico and Brazil, two of the top five personal hygiene markets in the world.

Revenue                                       Like-for-like growth

€637.5 m                     12.2%                   

2016: €333.9 m                               


Our people make who we are, and we benefited from the talent available to us in the Ontex Group as we assembled a strong Americas leadership team during the year.

Armando Amselem
General Manager, Americas Retail Division


We supply mainly Ontex-branded adult care products through institutional channels such as hospitals, nursing homes, health insurers and local authorities. We also sell directly to consumers through pharmacies and home delivery.

Revenue                                        Like-for-like growth

€433.4 m                     2.0%                    

2016: €428.8 m                              

We never forget that our business is all about dignity and quality of life. It's also about smart solutions at affordable prices and maintaining the human factor.

Xavier Lambrecht
General Manager, Healthcare Division

Growth Markets supplies both retailer brands and Ontex brands to developing and emerging markets which tend high volatility . We havea growing presence in adult and feminine care but baby care accounts for the most significant portion of our business.

Revenue                                       Like-for-like growth

€193.1 m                     8.5%                    

2016: €169.6 m                                 

Our PRIDE values are evident each and every day as our people deploy their high technical capabilities and entrepreneurial skills in a fast-moving environment.

Thierry Viale
General Manager, Growth Market Division

Our Middle East North Africa Division manufactures and markets branded products, in mainly Turkey, Algeria and Pakistan on a local basis and reaches other countries in the region through exports.

Revenue                                       Like-for-like growth

€189.8 m                      1.4%                    

2016: €206.2 m                                 

We transfer best practices across our different plants. In the Istanbul plant, the noise reduction measures were so successful that all other sites are being asked to use their plan as a refenrence in 2018 and beyong.

Özgür Akyildiz
General Manager, Middle East North Africa Division