Innovation is one of our key strategic pillars at Ontex and is focused on developing products that meet consumer needs. We use market trends and research combined with technical, customer and consumer insights and creativity to drive new product development and upgrades while keeping  focus on cost effectiveness and efficiency .

Innovation community

We developed an innovation community by bringing together talent from  many departments across our group translating all of our knowledge into product innovation and providing a steady flow of innovation to our product categories. Our knowledge is enhanced through collaboration with local and international  partners  from  leading universities, laboratories, institutes and research organisations

Across our four technical centres located in Belgium and Germany, our highly experienced R&D experts are working on  product development in well-equipped labs and on pilot production lines.


Product Testing and Qualifying

Before any new ONTEX product goes to market, through retailer brands or our own brands, we carefully test and qualify, both in our own testing laboratories and with the help of independent organisations. At every stage of our development process, we validate our findings using focus groups, lab tests, panels and home use in order to have an all round product qualification