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In 2008, an Ontex manufacturing plant was established in Algiers as result of Algeria becoming one of Ontex Turkey’s most successful export areas. Both Canbebe, baby diapers, and Canped, adult care products, had become leading brands in the country. Today, Ontex Algiers is proud to be one of the biggest companies in Algeria. With a fully renovated manufacturing facility and more than 320 employees, our goal is to become an export source in the future. Our company is driven by our ethical principles, based on safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Our most valuable asset is our people. We invite you to join us and be part of our success story.

Haouch Sbaat nord, Zone Industrielle Lot 83B, Voie H
DZ-16012 Rouiba BP 36 – Alger

T: 00 213 23 86 41 30 / 31
F: 00 213 23 86 41 34

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Ontex Manufacturing facilities
  • Baby care
  • Feminine care
  • Adult care

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